About A Classic Carriage Hire

About Us - Our People

We are a family-owned business and second-generation horse carriage owners. Our story began in 1987, when we started doing weddings with just one horse and carriage. 30 years on, we now own seven carriages and 19 horses.

Our contribution to the City of Melbourne has been formally recognised in the form of two prestigious awards: a Lord Mayor of Melbourne Commendation (silver recipient) and a John Truscott Foundation “Place in the City” award for creative excellence.

We are the longest established horse-drawn carriage company in Melbourne, with over 30 years of experience providing tours to visitors from around Australia and the world, not to mention local dignitaries and international celebrities.

Our clients include Tiffany’s, Australian Tourism, JAL (Japan Airline), Bendigo Bank, Harness Racing Victoria, Crown Towers, the Windsor Hotel, the National Trust, Andre Rieu, past Lord Mayors of Melbourne, and former Governors-General and Premiers of Victoria.

Classic Carriage - Melbourne Mayor Commendation

Our Horses

Marvel at the power and nobility of our horses.


Alex MacDonald
Owner and head “Horseman”

Alex is the founder of Melbourne Classic Carriages. Horses and horsemanship are in his blood: at the age of 19, Alex’s father introduced him to carriage work, and he has never looked back.

Alex has a genuine respect for horses, and treats them as equals, in the same way he does his own staff. While they have a job to do - just as everyone does on a farm and in business - they are respected and treated as individuals.

“I find animals amazing, especially horses. Their strength, their agility, and their intelligence. How they are built, and how they move with such grace and nobility.”

Alex MacDonald
Rainer Tuennecke
Rainer Tuennecke
Master Farrier

Rainer has been an Equestrian Farrier for 37 years and has played a key role in the care of our horses for 25 years.

He trained with a Master Farrier in Hamburg as a young man, and went on to shoe Grand Prix (one below Olympic level) and dressage horses in Europe and America. He has also trained other Farriers in Japan and worked on carriage horses in New York.

When Rainer came to Australia to work with us 25 years ago, he brought with him the best quality equestrian shoes. Thanks to him, these shoes are now widely used in Australia.

Rainer was appointed by the Equestrian Management Team for the 2000 Sydney Olympics to look after all horses entered in the dressage and show jumping competitions.

“Every horse is different, and it is my job to bring them to their most natural position through correct shoeing - for the comfort of the horse and the safety of her passengers.”

Neale Burgess
Percheron Breeder

Neale is a specialist Percheron horse breeder located in the pristine King Island near Tasmania.

He has provided us with even-tempered, hard-working Percheron cross horses for nearly 30 years. This includes importing three stallions from overseas for breeding purposes: one from England and two from America.

“My aim in life has been to breed traditional working Percheron which I’ve been doing for nearly 50 years. As a sideline, I breed Percheron- Standardbred crosses which are ideal for carriage work”

Neale Burgess

Our Carriages

Step aboard one of our traditional carriages and step back in time to a bygone era.


Our drivers

Highly trained & highly skilled

Quality horsemanship means a team of highly trained, highly skilled drivers. Our drivers receive extensive training for as long as it takes to ensure the safety of our passengers and our horses on the road. This training can take anywhere from six weeks to three months.

All our drivers have prior experience working with horses, either in the racing or equestrian industries. They are trained by our owner, Alex, in the skills of harnessing and carriage driving in a city environment.

Alex is meticulous about his drivers following the correct order and manner of safely harnessing their horses.

Our Horse & Carriage Drivers
Chris Caruana

Chris Caruana

Senior carriage driver

With 30 years of experience under his belt, Chris is one of our most accomplished carriage drivers. He started as an apprentice with a former carriage hire company when he was a teenager and has held a passion for horse and carriages ever since.

Chris often comes to Chases Lane Farm to give us a hand with training our new four-legged team members. He upholds the highest standards for our customers, never allowing a horse, carriage or driver on duty that isn’t in peak condition.

“I would love to see horse and carriages continue their services in Melbourne, just as they always have.”

Kevin Hainsworth

Carriage driver

Kevin is a true gentleman who simply loves working with horses. Kevin started riding horses when he was 10 years old. He owns a few horses and often rides them in the bush with his wife and son. Kevin treats every horse of ours like his own.

The first time Kevin came to work for us, he said: “I would love to come and do this job for free if my wife would allow it.” (So we told him to go home and ask his wife).

Dream Soingoen

Dream Soingoen

Lady carriage driver

Dream is our lady carriage driver who moved to Melbourne 8 years ago. She has been working with our team since 2012.

The first time Dream saw a horse and carriage in Melbourne, she decided that this was what she wanted to do for a living.

Dream lives with her two rescued cats in the Macedon Ranges. She owns one mare, whom she rides in spare time.

“Working with big, gentle horses in the city gives me confidence and is a huge part of my new life in this country.”